I moved to Jackson Hole (J.H.) Wy. in 1996 to paint skis for the Igneous ski co. I’ve been doing it ever since. I ski on the product and have accompolished impossible(ski) descents with their support. Igneous 4 life!
I am inspired to create art by my surroundings (the mtn’s) and also to live up to my highest purpose in life (artist). I’ve always been very curious and creative, it’s important for me to be making or breaking stuff. Over the past few years my focus has really shifted towards producing fine art on canvas and other media. I work entirely with spraypaint, utilizing many different techniques. I’m fascinated by the exclusive look areosol paint delivers. I am officially signing up to become a master, I want to keep the progression happening and be able to continue learning and producing. Yeah, it’s a pretty hard luck road with art. Fortunately, I’m an art Machine that can’t stop. Thanks for inspiring me!!

Mike Tierney is a graffiti artist living in Jackson, Wyoming. He moved to Jackson at the age of 18 and has been here ever since. He is a very talented skier who has skied many lines that no others have or very few have. He has transferred his passion and drive from skiing to art over the years in which he has made art from the lines that he has skied ; which is a very rare thing for someone to be as advanced at a sport to do things that most people can’t and then be able to recreate those lines in the form of art.

His art has been displayed at several locations around Jackson such as:

“Elevated Grounds” in Wilson, Wyoming

“The Rose” in Jackson, Wyoming

and currently has some of his work up at “The Boardroom of Jackson Hole” on 34 South Glenwood Ave, Jackson, WY 83001 (307)-733-8327 http://www.BoardroomJacksonHole.com

Mike can often be found at the Igneous Factory at 1255 D Gregory Lane, Jackson, wy 83002, where he works on his own art as well as art for Igneous custom skis and snowboards.



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